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Back in The Blogosphere!

This is my first (actually second…shhhhhh) attempt at blogging. I never posted regularly and got frustrated by lack of interest but I have so many thoughts I have just had to get them out somewhere. Now I do work for an amazing Portal Software company called Backbase : ) however these opinions are all my own just like on twitter.

Blogging has unusually always been a strange place for me so pleaaaasssseee give me any criticism or comments about the design, content, or feel of the blog. Thanks.

Use Technology for Good not…..What was I saying?

The above commercial is a prefect example of the wonders of technology but it is also and example of how it is separating us from the here and now. The iPad 2 can take pictures and share them instantly, awesome,  but do they need to be shared that instant in front of a campfire with your family? You can read a book and immediately switch to twitter but do you need to do that when you are having a conversation and why go to twitter while reading? Also once we have twitter or Facebook open we will not be able to help but look at the posts people have updated and remove ourselves briefly from the now. I know I have……..

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Uncharted 3 Beta Starts Today: Get Your Codes

The Uncharted 3 Multiplayer will be available at 5 PM EST today. It is available to all PSN subscribers as well as anyone who purchased marked copies of Infamous 2. The beta will last until July 13th. There are Trophies and rewards that will carry over into the full version of the game. The beta will be Co-Op modes only for both online and splitscreen play.

Also IGN is giving out some free codes so get them while you can. Link Below.