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Google Takeout: Archive All of Your Data from Google

A Day after news of Google+ they have released yet another service. This one allows you to archive all of your data from Google’s services such as (Profiel, Buzz, and future Streams with Google+). This is well timed and somewhat of another attack against Facebook and their privacy issues. By using this service you will be able to get all of your out of Google. So if Google+ is successful having this type of feature would be key to removing your online identity and anything you don’t want Google knowing.

Source [mashable]

Google Launches Social Service to combat Facebook

Google launched a social service this afternoon entitled Google+ that still seems to be in closed beta. There is a page on Googles site that describes what the service will be. The page goes into detail about the sub services of Google+ such as Circles which is a service that lets you share what you want with who you want. There is also Huddle which is pretty much a group chat for text messaging so that planning your night out is easier. Another one is called Hangouts which is a video chat with your friends, you basically let your friends know you will be “hanging out” and they can join the chat room if they like. There is much more and details about launch date are still not available. Visit the link below to find out more.


Source [Engadget]

Update: Mashable has a nice First Impressions of the Service with screenshots. Click Below





Google Mysteriously Launches New Service “What Do You Love?”

Recently Google seems to have launched a new service called “What Do You Love?”. There has been no previous announcement of this and seemingly no information on the site. There is just a plain old google search box. When you search something it gives you a mashup of results across all of Googles Services (Youtube, Blogspot, Google Maps, Google Books, etc…) in a grid like design. It works very well and is useful if you are looking for a lot of information on one subject or just browsing. Visit to try it out for yourself.

Source [mashable]

Thinking About a Change: iOS vs Android

IOS vs Androir

So to start I have been using an iPhone since late 2007, currently use a jailbroken iPhone 4, and am a very avid follower of everything iOS. Believe it or not I recently have been entertaining the idea of switching over to Android. After using Google Chrome for the past few weeks with all its extremely useful/free extensions and apps, my skepticism about iCloud, and my great experience with Google Music Beta I have been entertaining the idea of switching to Android. Read why I may switch after the break and let me know what you think in the comments.

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