How Enterprises are Stuck in the 90s

Above is the progression of Web Development structure throughout the years. Why have large Enterprise architectures not followed the same simple concept established back around 2005 that Presentation, Structure, and Functionality should all be separate. HTML being structure, CSS the presentation, and Javascript the functionality. One of the major challenges today is that large enterprise are having difficulty creating beautiful presentation and maintaining them over the years, this is because when they are tied to the backend infrastructure it is very difficult to change it. ……..

This is exactly the problem Web Developers saw in 2002 when Wired redesigned this structure by separating CSS (the presentation) from HTML (the structure). So we have known this yet when we are dealing with this on a Large Scale in an Enterprise it is ignored or just thought to be un-doable because of the solutions that are at hand.

I came across this concept while I was watching a video from Google Code created by former Googlers to introduce people to the structure of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. In 1996 you see we were integrating HTML, Javascript, and CSS all in one and not really caring where it was used. Inline javascript and CSS were very common. This caused for very difficult maintenance of code, sloppy presentations, and inconsistent views because in order to edit the presentation you were essentially editing the structure which was right along with the functionality.

It is very similar to challenges with large enterprise web deployments. Backend applications are in a lot of cases pushing out the presentation, structure is down to the mish mosh of multiple applications with inconsistent views, and when the presentation is separated it is complete out of the hands of the organization to make changes to it. So why has this not been addressed on a large scale?

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