Mobile Should Be So Simple

Over the past several years mobile has been all the rage because of the incredible exponential rise in smartphone owners. The challenge for organizations, and individuals, with mobile has been “How do I develop for mobile?” or “How can I port my app to mobile?” or anything along the lines of how to utilize mobile. This is really frustrating considering mobile is just another, smaller way to access the internet and I think we all have a pretty good grasp of the internet (I hope). But the challenge has been “optimizing” apps or sites for this mobile device and putting it into the respective app stores.

Think about it this way. If I wrote a novel, published it, and distributed it in a somewhat larger than average book would I have to rewrite the entire book by hand in a different language to re-publish and distribute that same story in a smaller book? No, that is ridiculous. It should be the same way with mobile as it is with books. Write once, use everywhere. Do not limit your creativity to a certain aspect ratio or language. With some really interesting technology such as Phone Gap and others this  is becoming easier and easier.


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