Use Technology for Good not…..What was I saying?

The above commercial is a prefect example of the wonders of technology but it is also and example of how it is separating us from the here and now. The iPad 2 can take pictures and share them instantly, awesome,  but do they need to be shared that instant in front of a campfire with your family? You can read a book and immediately switch to twitter but do you need to do that when you are having a conversation and why go to twitter while reading? Also once we have twitter or Facebook open we will not be able to help but look at the posts people have updated and remove ourselves briefly from the now. I know I have……..

….trouble even watching a TV show without taking my phone out to view the latest news stories, facebook updates, emails, or text messages. I have trouble paying attention to TV! It is our human nature to want to know what is going on all the time and we have that ability we feel like we must know or someone else will, it is almost a survival instinct. We must have all the information we can at any given time, however this information is usually pointless and irrelevant.

Our generation and generations to come will lose their ability to focus. Technology can allow us to explore new concepts, ideas, and discover things we never could have before. However it can also hinder our ability to focus on one task and get that sense of accomplishment we most desperately need.

Try to make a sincere attempt to start and complete tasks that last for more than 30 minutes. Too hard? Try 10, work your way up to hours. Tasks can be anything from writing a blog post or journal entry to reading a book, or even just watching TV without being interrupted. Even video gams can get be great ways to keep focus. Also just try to learn a new talent and practice, no matter what it is, it can do a lot for you.


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