I Am Locked Into Facebook and Maybe Even Chase

This is a very interesting time for Banks, for the first time in a long time they must satisfy their customers in order to remain successful in the future unlike Facebook who, no matter how terrible their privacy settings, UI, or business practices are nobody leaves, this is a huge reason as to why Google+ has not been successful. Facebook was also lucky enough to be the only social network when like itself when it started to attract every college student and eventually virtually everyone else. Most Banks do not have the advantages Facebook has. That is Facebook users are tied to each other and therefore will not leave unless others leave also there are tons of options for customers looking for a good Bank. If Banks maybe copied this model they would be in good shape because many are having difficulties satisfying their customers, but Banking isn’t social, at least not yet.

I am actually in an interesting position now with Chase. About 2 years ago I switched to Chase from Sovereign purely for the technology and usability. When I switched I also convinced 5 others (friends and family) to switch as well. I then noticed more of my friends going to Chase and many already with Chase. Now I have a large group of friends and family at Chase. With Chase Quick Pay I can easily make transactions to friends and family wether it be for a dinner bill we wanted to split, lending money to a family member, or maybe for some poker chips at a home game : ). If I were to leave Chase I lose the convenience of a Quick Pay even if another Bank has a Quick Pay option because I would not have any one to use the function with. Very similar to Facebook, I am in a way locked into chase without every noticing it was happening.

So what can Banks see from this? For one technology and usability is what can attract a large amount of customers, it is also what can drive your customers away. I know not everyone is like me, but like many new technologies the early adopters are what drives others to adopt, who in turn drive others to adopt, etc. If you tie this technology in with superior offerings then you can attract even more customers. Then add in the chains of user interaction like Facebook has, and a Bank may have a nice little formula for success.

It is going to be very interesting to see in the coming years where customers will move to in the future. There a lot of interesting technologies and small online banks coming up that will appeal to many early adopters. Look at how Square has taken off, it just had a valuation of $4 Billion, Pay Pal is launching some interesting things with Paypal Here and their mobile wallet offering, and the future launch of Moven Bank will be interesting to watch as well. These all have great UIs, offers, and P2P interaction. It is an interesting time for Banks indeed.

How Enterprises are Stuck in the 90s

Above is the progression of Web Development structure throughout the years. Why have large Enterprise architectures not followed the same simple concept established back around 2005 that Presentation, Structure, and Functionality should all be separate. HTML being structure, CSS the presentation, and Javascript the functionality. One of the major challenges today is that large enterprise are having difficulty creating beautiful presentation and maintaining them over the years, this is because when they are tied to the backend infrastructure it is very difficult to change it. ……..

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Mobile Should Be So Simple

Over the past several years mobile has been all the rage because of the incredible exponential rise in smartphone owners. The challenge for organizations, and individuals, with mobile has been “How do I develop for mobile?” or “How can I port my app to mobile?” or anything along the lines of how to utilize mobile. This is really frustrating considering mobile is just another, smaller way to access the internet and I think we all have a pretty good grasp of the internet (I hope). But the challenge has been “optimizing” apps or sites for this mobile device and putting it into the respective app stores.

Think about it this way. If I wrote a novel, published it, and distributed it in a somewhat larger than average book would I have to rewrite the entire book by hand in a different language to re-publish and distribute that same story in a smaller book? No, that is ridiculous. It should be the same way with mobile as it is with books. Write once, use everywhere. Do not limit your creativity to a certain aspect ratio or language. With some really interesting technology such as Phone Gap and others this  is becoming easier and easier.

Back in The Blogosphere!

This is my first (actually second…shhhhhh) attempt at blogging. I never posted regularly and got frustrated by lack of interest but I have so many thoughts I have just had to get them out somewhere. Now I do work for an amazing Portal Software company called Backbase : ) however these opinions are all my own just like on twitter.

Blogging has unusually always been a strange place for me so pleaaaasssseee give me any criticism or comments about the design, content, or feel of the blog. Thanks.

Use Technology for Good not…..What was I saying?

The above commercial is a prefect example of the wonders of technology but it is also and example of how it is separating us from the here and now. The iPad 2 can take pictures and share them instantly, awesome,  but do they need to be shared that instant in front of a campfire with your family? You can read a book and immediately switch to twitter but do you need to do that when you are having a conversation and why go to twitter while reading? Also once we have twitter or Facebook open we will not be able to help but look at the posts people have updated and remove ourselves briefly from the now. I know I have……..

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Google Takeout: Archive All of Your Data from Google

A Day after news of Google+ they have released yet another service. This one allows you to archive all of your data from Google’s services such as (Profiel, Buzz, and future Streams with Google+). This is well timed and somewhat of another attack against Facebook and their privacy issues. By using this service you will be able to get all of your out of Google. So if Google+ is successful having this type of feature would be key to removing your online identity and anything you don’t want Google knowing.

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Google Launches Social Service to combat Facebook

Google launched a social service this afternoon entitled Google+ that still seems to be in closed beta. There is a page on Googles site that describes what the service will be. The page goes into detail about the sub services of Google+ such as Circles which is a service that lets you share what you want with who you want. There is also Huddle which is pretty much a group chat for text messaging so that planning your night out is easier. Another one is called Hangouts which is a video chat with your friends, you basically let your friends know you will be “hanging out” and they can join the chat room if they like. There is much more and details about launch date are still not available. Visit the link below to find out more.


Source [Engadget]

Update: Mashable has a nice First Impressions of the Service with screenshots. Click Below





Google Mysteriously Launches New Service “What Do You Love?”

Recently Google seems to have launched a new service called “What Do You Love?”. There has been no previous announcement of this and seemingly no information on the site. There is just a plain old google search box. When you search something it gives you a mashup of results across all of Googles Services (Youtube, Blogspot, Google Maps, Google Books, etc…) in a grid like design. It works very well and is useful if you are looking for a lot of information on one subject or just browsing. Visit wdyl.com to try it out for yourself.

Source [mashable]

Uncharted 3 Beta Starts Today: Get Your Codes

The Uncharted 3 Multiplayer will be available at 5 PM EST today. It is available to all PSN subscribers as well as anyone who purchased marked copies of Infamous 2. The beta will last until July 13th. There are Trophies and rewards that will carry over into the full version of the game. The beta will be Co-Op modes only for both online and splitscreen play.

Also IGN is giving out some free codes so get them while you can. Link Below.


New iPhone 5 Production Starts in August

Analysts from Deutsche Bank have confirmed there will be an iPhone 5 and maybe a smaller/cheaper prepaid iPhone 4S starting productions in August to be ready for Fall. There is proof that new units are being produced and older units production is being limited.

“With Nokia and RIMM struggling,” the analyst writes, “the time is right for Apple to aggressively penetrate the mid range smart-phone market (i.e. $300-500 category) to dramatically expand its [total addressable market] and market share.”

This is typically later than usual for an iPhone to be released but it is probably being timed to come out with iOS 5. Rumors have been that the new iPhone 5 will boast a larger screen and 8 MP camera. Check out the link below to read more.

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